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As individuals, we hear things in our own way and individually. We respond in our own unique way when we hear certain sounds and certain styles of music. There is no right or wrong way in how we respond to music. Through physical expression we are able to interpret music with dance, marching, jumping and other movements. What is it in music that makes us feel the way we do? We go through life experiences and are able to connect with a certain style of music. We remember certain times and places by listening to music. The strength and power of music has direct impact on our past, current and future being as individuals.

One good thing about music,

when it hits you, you feel no pain.

(Bob Marley)

The links below are lesson plans that you may use in your classroom

for responding to music.

Responding to 

different songs.

(G. Tietge)

Selecting a Piece

of Musical Literature.

(J. Faulkner)

Music Time Line


(S. Marshall)

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