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If music be the food of love, play on. (William Shakespeare)

The creation of music can be dated back to biblical times. There are Bible references of the trumpet, harp and rams horn that had significant roles in the scriptures.


Music - Evidence of Creation



Having the proper tools to create music is essential. Current technology has given us a valuable resource in notation software. Below are links to two very popular music notaton software programs.

There are many ways to create music with instruments and other objects and materials. Creating new music can be rewarding and exciting as you explore the possibilities. Using music notation software can get you started in the right direction in composing your own music. The (PDF) links to the right are examples of a lesson plans that may be used in your school setting.

Improvising over 12 bar blues        (D. White)

Learning to improvise on the recorder (K. Ristow)

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